How to Boost Customer Loyalty with Housewarming Gifts

We recently discussed the importance of real estate closing gifts, along with how they’re vital for referrals. Today, however, we want to explore how agents can boost customer loyalty with housewarming gifts.

You see, housewarming gifts are a key part of a real estate agent’s arsenal. Yet, it can be difficult knowing what type of gifts to give to clients that they will actually use and admire for years to come.

Our advice is simple: opt for bespoke and customized pieces that will stand the test of time, including personalized cutting boards, photo frames, journals, coasters, or dish towels.

Not only are these items ones which most (if not all) of us use on a daily basis, but they’re also key pieces within any home, thus keeping on-theme.

What is Customer Loyalty?

In order to understand why customer loyalty is so important, let’s first take a look at exactly what customer loyalty is.

Customer loyalty is simply an ongoing and positive relationship between a customer and a business. Not only does it influence customers to come back to your business time after time, but it also encourages them to advocate for your company – particularly through recommending your products or services to others.

How do Custom Housewarming Gifts Boost Customer Loyalty?

Custom housewarming gifts play an important role in boosting customer loyalty for your company – especially if you’re a real estate agent. This is because they’re not your run-of-the-mill products and therefore show that you’ve gone to the extra effort to impress.

If you were to buy a standard store-bought charcuterie board, for example, it may be a nice idea, yet it lacks that special something that sets it apart from other wooden boards that person owns.

A handcrafted wooden charcuterie board that has been personalized with their details, however, is a custom housewarming gift that’s sure to wow your recipient, thus boosting their customer loyalty.

For years to come, your client and their family will be reminded of their positive dealings with you every time they use or look at their gift.

Furthermore, the custom gift becomes a conversation starter within their home, so every time a friend or family member asks about it, they’re sure to mention you, your business, and the great service they received.

Other Gift Advice for Real Estate Agents

It can be tempting to make your logo or company details the center of attention on your custom housewarming gift, but we advise against this. You see, this gift should be all about your recipient – not your company – therefore turning it into something they’ll cherish. Anything too logo-heavy will resemble marketing collateral instead.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t put your details somewhere on the gift (such as on a small section on the back, for example). Accompany your name and company logo with a short, heartfelt message, and you’ve got yourself a winner!


If you’re looking for a great housewarming gift for your real estate clients, feel free to check out our custom gift ideas. Searching for something in particular? Contact us today to find out more about our personalized products!