Why Closing Gifts are Vital for Real Estate Referrals

If you’re looking for the ultimate secret to scaling your real estate business, we’ve got two words for you: closing gifts. These heartfelt, personalized, and practical gifts aren’t just the perfect way to congratulate your client on their new purchase. They also work wonders at boosting your reputation and increasing your real estate referrals.


What are realtor closing gifts?

If you’ve never heard of realtor closing gifts before, don’t fret. Essentially, a closing gift is what you give your clients at the end of their transaction to thank them for their business and help them celebrate the purchase of their dream home. According to Realtor Magazine, nearly 77% of its readers have given closing gifts to their clients.

Some popular and on-trend ideas for realtor closing gifts include a personalized cutting board, an engraved photo frame featuring an image of the clients standing in front of their new home, or a custom dish towel with their names, date of purchase, and a warm message.

Now that you know exactly what a real estate closing gift is, let’s take a look at the 5 main ways they’re vital for referrals.

1. Boosts your reputation

When clients receive a heart-warming and personalized gift, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews, referrals, and testimonials. This is a great way to boost your real estate business’ reputation, not to mention your client base. Humans crave social proof and hearing praise about your services from those who have been-there-and-done-that is a fail-proof way to reassure them.

2. Encourages repeat business

It’s not only new customers that a closing gift could send your way. Existing clients are also likely to associate the warm and fuzzy feeling they got from your closing gift with your business. This increases their chances of seeking out your services in the future, plus ensures you stand out from your competitors in their minds.

3. Promotes great word-of-mouth

Purchasing a property is a big deal in anyone’s life, especially if it’s the place they’ll be calling home. Friends and family will be eager to hear about their purchase journey, including the experience they had with their real estate agent. Thoughtful closing gifts don’t just put a smile on your clients’ faces, but also dramatically increase the chances of word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Adds a personal touch

It’s one thing to give a client a stock-standard gift, but another entirely to give them something that has been thoughtfully curated and personalized to reflect who they are. Why purchase a plain charcuterie board, for example, when you can have one customized with their family’s names, surname, and/or new home address? It’s those little, personal touches that make all the difference.

5. Ends the experience on a good note

Ending your interaction with a closing gift can be just the thing to turn a great experience into a phenomenal one. In real estate, good impressions are everything and they’re certainly a key factor that drive referrals, create larger client bases, and give your profits a nice boost.


If you’re looking for a great closing gift for your real estate clients, feel free to check out our custom gift ideas. Searching for something in particular? Contact us today to find out more about our personalized products!