Custom Cutting Board Wood Types: Which One is Right for You?

When considering buying a custom cutting board for yourself or a loved one, you might be overwhelmed with the various different types of wood you can choose. Naturally, you may wonder which cutting board wood is the best, especially in terms of longevity and durability.

Here at Copper Fox Co, we offer a variety of beautiful looking wooden boards, including bamboo, mahogany, cherry, and walnut. To help you out, we’ve written this guide about the various types of cutting board wood, as well as which one might be best suited for you.



Bamboo chopping boards have risen in popularity in recent years, particularly because they offer an affordable, yet easy to maintain option for cutting boards. Bamboo is a hard density wood, meaning it resists retaining water and therefore will not warp or crack as easily as some other types of wood.

Bamboo also has a gorgeous light coloring, making it more yellow-tinged than red or brown. It has a fine grain and when properly sourced, bamboo is a highly renewable resource. This is because, technically, bamboo is a type of grass – not a type of wood. It’s therefore one of the fastest growing plants on earth. While maple trees, for example, can take over 30 years for their wood to mature. Bamboo, on the other hand, takes just three to six years.



The rich, deep color of mahogany makes it ideal for personalizing with a custom engraving. This is why mahogany cutting boards seem to be very popular, as customers love the brilliant red-brown tones which bring their space to life. Although mahogany is known as a softer wood, it’s still hard enough for use in a cutting board and has a stunning grain running throughout. It’s also one of our more premium woods, yet still remains affordable considering its high quality.



Cherry Wood features a combination of rich, reddish-brown heartwood and lighter, almost creamy, sapwood. Along with its beautiful coloring, cherry wood cutting boards are also quite unique in that their tones darken over time as they are exposed to the light. This gives your cherry cutting board an even richer color palette over time, allowing your custom monogram or engraving to stand out even more as the board ages (rather than the other way around!).



When it comes to rich, velvety shades of wood, you just can’t beat walnut. Walnut chopping boards can be described as being chocolatey brown in color and are perfect for those big and bold custom designs. This is because their dark coloring allows the design to appear more subtle against it, therefore still allowing the natural wood grain to steal the show. With its rippled wood grain patterns in various shades of brown, walnut chopping boards are our most premium option.


If you’re looking for a stunning custom charcuterie board in bamboo, mahogany, cherry, or walnut, feel free to check out our wide range of products. You can also contact us to find out more about our personalized gift ideas!