Custom Charcuterie Board Design Ideas

If you’re considering purchasing a custom charcuterie board for a loved one or your own home, then you may be wondering what design you should opt for. After all, there are plenty of customization offers available. Here at Copper Fox Co, for example, we have over 50 to choose from!

To help you narrow down your ideas for your personalized cutting board, we’re rounding up six of our favorite designs. Let’s get started!

1. Monogram

One of the easiest, yet most striking designs for a charcuterie board is one that features a single letter as the main attraction. Take this one, for example, which features the letter ‘W’ within an eye-catching, floral frame. When selecting a monogram design, you can opt for the first initial of your recipient’s name, or even the first initial of a family name, for example. Additional embellishments, such as frames or wreaths, can really make the design pop.

2. Housewarming

We recently wrote about housewarming gifts for real estate agents, and custom charcuterie boards are our number-one suggestion for these. A great idea is to have the address of the new property engraved into the board, along with the clients’ names. Not only is it something your clients will treasure for years to come, but it also encourages positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

3. Favorite Quote

Everyone has a favorite quote or one that continues to motivate them. What better way to maintain this inspiration than by having that quote engraved on a custom wooden cutting board? This is also a great gift idea, as it allows you to let your recipient know how special they are in the form of a beautiful saying. Take this one, for example, which reads: “First my mother, forever my friend.”

4. Your Logo

Customized charcuterie boards aren’t just great gift ideas for real estate agents! They also make fantastic products for businesses of all shapes and sizes to give to their employees or clients. By placing an artistic and engraved version of your logo on your wooden board, it ensures your brand will be remembered for generations to come.

5. A State

For many of us, we’re proud of the state we grew up in or currently live within. Therefore, why not extend that appreciation for your hometown by having it engraved onto your charcuterie board? Take our Texas design, for example, which features the state along with an accompanying word or phrase – such as your family name.

6. Bridesmaid or Groomsmen

We recently discussed some great customized gift ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen, and this personalized cutting board is top of our list. Not only is it a more unique gift idea when compared to more traditional (yet slightly overdone) bridal party presents, but it’s also a product most people use several times a week when preparing food or entertaining. Therefore, it won’t go to waste!


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