Keep. Your. Clients.
We’ll show you how.
Did you know 90% of clients say they would use their real estate agent again*, but only about 17% actually do? We help agents bridge the gap between 17% and 90% by offering a powerful system to stay connected to past clients. Our automated gifting system was designed exclusively for busy real estate agents like you to make sure they keep their clients no matter how busy they get. With our exclusive program you can nurture client relationships so you don’t have to settle for 17%.
A Realtor’s Best Friend
Our Automated gifting program is going to be your new best friend. Every three months, just like clockwork, we send a personalized gift to your clients.We include premium packaging as well as a personalized note from you.
No Hassle Gift Notes
Don’t know what to say? We’ve got you covered. Our exclusive gift note templates were designed to connect you to your client and help you add value to their life so they know you genuinely care. Our gift notes can even be customized with your logo and contact information at no extra charge.
Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.
Get started in just 5 minutes. You decide which clients you want to enroll and we take it from there! You can pick designs or colors, or just use our standard package. You can be as involved (or as hands off) as you want!
Gifts That Matter
We don’t waste your time or money on gifts that dissapear (like candy and gift cards). Our goal is for each and every gift we send is to keep you in front of your client for years to come. We do this by sending useful gifts with sentimental value that beautify the home. A personalized gift that adds value to and beautifies the home is the ultimate expression of thoughtfulness and care. Our gits are:
  • Personalized - Our gifts provide emotional connection because they are personalized with your client’s name, address, children’s names, pets names, etc.

  • Useful - From costers to notebooks and dish towels to room sprays, our gifts are designed to provide value in your client’s home

  • Beautiful - Our gifts stay in front of your clients for years because they are designed to be not just usefull but to create beauy in the home as well.

Skyrocket Client Loyalty
Let's face it, developing the kind of deep connections needed to foster long-term client loyalty is not easy. Building meaningful relationships in business transactions is something every professional struggles with. Creating a lasting relationship with past clients is difficult because it's hard to get beyond surface level in business relationships. But, if you want to foster the kind of client loyalty that keeps clients for life, you need to be seen as a life long friend rather than just a business partner.

Client gifting is truly a phenomenal tool for helping agents go from business associate to best friend. When done right, gifts transform clients from transaction partners into life-long friends that genuinely want to support you and your business. Gifting creates an emotional connection between clients and agents in a way nothing else can. When given in the right way, client gifts deepen relationships, show appreciation, and allow you to celebrate life's moments with your client in a meaningful way

What’s The Cost?

It’s Way Less Expensive Than You Think.
  • All the gifts will be personalized for your client and packaged in a premium gift box with a warm, meaningful gift note

  • Are you ready to start your client gifting progam? Do you have a few more questions? Either way connect with us!

Silver Package


includes the following personalized items:

  • Personalized Dishtowel

  • Candle

  • Leatherette Frame

  • Leatherette coasters (set of 6)

Gold Package


includes the following personalized items:

  • Dishtowel & leather catchall

  • Candle & Room spray

  • Leather Frame & Notebook

  • Walnut coasters (set of 4)

We’re here to help you 
Keep. Your. Clients.

Jot down your details and we’ll get back to you asap to answer your questions via email, or hop on a call.

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We’re here to help you 
Keep. Your. Clients.

Jot down your details and we’ll get back to you asap to answer your questions via email, or hop on a call.

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