Tips for Hosting a Boho Inspired Picnic

As the leaves start turning amber and a cool breeze fills the air, it’s a great time to gather your friends and host a boho inspired picnic. With their beautifully patterned blankets, tasselled cushions, and wooden boards filled with scrumptious treats, what’s not to love?

If you’ve never hosted a boho picnic before, don’t fret. We’re going to give you the rundown on how to do it!



To start off, you’ll want to choose a pretty-as-a-picture location for your picnic. While a great view can go a long way, you’ll also want to ensure the place is easy to get to, safe, and comfortable. Car parking nearby is also a huge perk, particularly if you and your guests have to cart things to and from your cars!

Some perfect examples might include a local beach, an open area overlooking the beach, a garden, or nearby park. Better yet, if you or a friend have a spacious and beautiful backyard, why not simply host it there?



One of the biggest things that separates a boho picnic from your run-of-the-mill picnic is its bohemian decor. Think vibrant picnic blankets, tufted and tasselled cushions for seating, pretty florals or greenery, burning candles, eclectic glassware, and delicious food piled high on wooden boards.

Decorating your bohemian picnic is perhaps the most fun part about hosting one, and therefore is certainly something you should have a lot of fun with. Go on, get creative!   



The beauty of any picnic is that you can enjoy delicacies which are easy to eat with your hands – no knives or forks required here! This is why charcuterie boards are a popular picnic staple, as are sandwiches, pastries, quiche, or just about anything else you can easily pick up.

Of course, picnics just aren’t about the food. When planning a bohemian inspired picnic, ensure you have plenty of thirst-quenching beverages on-hand, such as cold brew tea, fruit-infused soda, or fresh lemonade. And as for suitable alcoholic beverages? Think fruity cocktails, pink champagne, or just about anything else that takes your fancy – all in beautiful, colored glassware or mason jars.


Wooden Boards

Wooden boards are another staple of bohemian inspired picnics, as they allow you to easily lay out your food, drinks, or decor, without risking them falling over on the soft blanket surface. Styling wooden boards in this manner is both creative and fun, as you can mix and match different sizes, shapes, or wood types for an eclectic look.

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