Best Care Practices for Your Personalized Cutting Board

Are you the lucky recipient of a beautiful, custom charcuterie board? Or perhaps you’re gifting one to a special someone in your life and want to ensure their cutting board design remains perfect for years to come?

Here’s the thing: wood is a fairly low maintenance material, however it still requires some tender-loving-care from time to time to ensure it lasts long and looks great.  

Thankfully, we’ve put together this quick and helpful post on the best care practices for personalized cutting boards to ensure you get it right!


Oiling your charcuterie board

Your custom charcuterie board from Copper Fox Co comes pre-oiled, however we highly recommend oiling it again before its first use to keep it looking fantastic. We find mineral oil does the trick, or you can also use any other oil or conditioner designed specifically for cutting boards.

Periodically oiling your charcuterie board will help to prevent it from absorbing moisture and cracking, warping, or splintering. Aim to re-oil it once or twice a year to maintain the board’s smooth surface and longevity.


Tips for washing custom cheese boards

If you have a dishwasher at home, it’s important that your wooden board never ends up in there. Instead, your chopping board should always be hand washed after each use. All you need is hot water, your regular dish soap, and a sponge or brush. Gently scrub the board before either patting it down with a paper towel or sitting it upright where it can drip-dry.

It’s also important to mention that you shouldn’t soak your wooden cutting board in water for extended periods of time, such as more than just a minute or two. Doing so encourages the wood to warp or crack. Not only is this unsightly and damaging to your beautiful cutting board design, but those moisture-laden cracks provide the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.


Other best care practices for wood

So, what other best care practices should you be mindful of with your charcuterie board sets? We’ve provided some additional tips below.

  • If you use your board for food preparation, such as cutting, then wipe it down regularly as you go to avoid a messy build up that will be harder to clean later.
  • Hand wash your cutting board as soon as you’ve finished using it to prevent liquids, food residue, and odors from penetrating the wood.
  • If you find your board does have an unpleasant odor from use, then you can simply rub half a lemon onto its surface, let it sit for a minute, then thoroughly rinse it off. Allow the board to thoroughly air dry afterwards.


If you’re looking for a stunning custom charcuterie board, feel free to check out our wide range of products. You can also contact us to find out more about our personalized gift ideas!